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Royal Spartans Security Services Company Limited

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Fast, friendly, and fully functional, our professional Security Guard Service is well renowned throughout the Ejisu area. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. Contact us to learn more about our incredible staff and how they can help you!


Whatever the job, we’ve got your needs covered. Contact us now for a free estimate.


Whether you require armed or unarmed, uniformed or plain clothes  Royal Spartans can provide the right security personnel for your specific needs



We serve corporate and individual clients which includes:


✔️Blue Chip companies


✔️Coperate rganizations


✔️Religious organizations


✔️Political Parties/Politicians








✔️TheGovernment (Public Sector)


✔️Schools (Basic, High/Technical, Universities)


✔️Sports organizations


✔️Entrepreneurs and Start-ups




We are a world class and standard private security business that is well positioned and well equipped to meet the 21st-century security demand of both high profile us


Our mission👉 is to provide professional and trusted private security service industry in the whole of Ashanti Region, and also to be amongst the top 20 private security outfits in Ghana within the first 10 years of operations


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  1. OFFICE ADDRESS 👉 Kwamo, Konongo Junction

Kumasi-Accra Highway

Adjacent Mount Zion School


Mailing: P. O. Box EJ454, Ejisu, Ashanti




There Is More ABOUT Us…


Royal Spartans Security Services has been a consistent and trustworthy Security Guard Service since January 2017. All of our employees are committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to work efficiently and expediently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise.






Royal Spartans Security Services offer varieties of services within the scope of private security services industry in Ghana. Our intention of establishing our private security outfit is to make profits from the industry and we shall do all that is permitted by law in Ghana to achieve our aim and ambition


✊Prevention of unauthorized activity or entry in a specified perimeter


✊Traffic regulation services


✊Access control services


✊Fire and theft prevention and detection services


✊Security advisory and consultancy services


✊Roving patrol services


✊Bodyguard, and guard dog services






We are always looking for good people to join our team. We will only consider applicants that have initially filled out our online Employment Form. We respectfully ask that you do not call into our call-center regarding employment.

Please fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.







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Why Real Estate Buyers Prefer To Buy From Owners Instead of Brokers

A actual property broking is someone or entity who serves as an intermediary, or intermediary among dealers and customers of actual property, and is the person that initiates or tries to locate assets dealers and customers In the United States housing setting, a actual property broking and his accompanying income team, assists dealers in selling and promoting their assets, normally negotiating for the best charge or price viable, and below the satisfactory terms.

It is widespread exercise withinside the United States that someone is needed to reap a license first on the way to obtain reimbursement or a fee for offerings rendered as an authorized actual property broking. Unlicensed actual property interest is taken into consideration illegal, however customers and dealers who act as principals withinside the sale or buy of actual property aren’t required to be certified. In a few states but, legal professionals are allowed to deal with actual property income, and are paid costs and commissions with out the want to be certified as agents or dealers. There are pretty some customers and dealers who’re snug doing the paintings of advertising and marketing their domestic on the market with the aid of using themselves, as properly wearing the burden of the paintings at the purchaser’s side.

Unrepresented customers or dealers do an same quantity of labor as dealers or certified agents. An unrepresented dealer extra than frequently processes a list agent for a assets they represent. If come what may the house dealer convinces the agent to provide returned the “purchaser’s agent share” to him, it isn’t as though the list agent isn’t going to be selecting up the slack for the paintings the vendor does now no longer do or is green in doing at. The unrepresented dealer is at most, without delay presenting his/her assets to a purchaser with the aid of using negotiating offers without delay and haggling over the satisfactory viable charge and price method.

The properly element but with handling direct customers over agents or dealers is that a domestic proprietor might now no longer ought to reduce income with installed agents dealers, and might now no longer locate the want to dole over a sizable quantity of fee to the agent. Should a domestic or assets proprietor determine to promote his asset on his very own and now no longer avail the offerings of an authorized broking, he/she have to be geared up to put together all important papers describing the assets for advertising, pamphlets, open houses, and others. Advertising a assets is frequently the most important out of doors price in list a assets, and a domestic dealer have to easily shoulder the price for this.

In a few aspects, maintaining an open residence to reveal the assets might be a instead cheaper venue for the house dealer to reveal off his assets. By being a touch person, the vendor have to continually be to be had to reply any questions on the assets and to time table displaying appointments to potential customers.

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Meaning of Ecommerce and Everything You Need To Know

E-commerce means ? Electronic Commerce .

The time period digital trade (ecommerce) refers to a commercial enterprise version that permits corporations and people to shop for and promote items and offerings over the Internet. Ecommerce operates in 4 primary marketplace segments and may be performed over computer systems, tablets, smartphones, and different clever gadgets. Nearly each possible product and provider is to be had thru ecommerce transactions, along with books, tune, aircraft tickets, and economic offerings together with inventory making an investment and on-line banking. As such, it’s miles taken into consideration a completely disruptive generation.1

Ecommerce is the shopping for and promoting of products and offerings over the Internet.
It is performed over computer systems, tablets, smartphones, and different clever gadgets.
Almost whatever may be bought thru ecommerce today.
It may be an alternative choice to brick-and-mortar shops, aleven though a few groups select to preserve both.
Ecommerce operates in 4 marketplace segments, along with commercial enterprise-to-commercial enterprise, commercial enterprise-to-purchaser, purchaser-to-purchaser, and purchaser-to-commercial enterprise.

Electronic Commerce
Understanding Ecommerce
As stated above, ecommerce is the method of purchasing and promoting tangible services and products on-line. It entails a couple of celebration at the side of the alternate of statistics or foreign money to method a transaction. It is a part of the more enterprise this is referred to as digital commercial enterprise (ebusiness), which entails all the approaches required to run a corporation on-line. 21

Ecommerce has helped groups (in particular people with a slender attain like small groups) benefit get right of entry to to and set up a much broader marketplace presence via way of means of imparting inexpensive and greater green distribution channels for his or her merchandise or offerings. Target (TGT) supplemented its brick-and-mortar presence with a web keep that permits clients to buy the whole lot from garments and coffeemakers to toothpaste and movement figures proper from their homes.
Ecommerce operates in all 4 of the subsequent primary marketplace segments;

These are:
1👉Business to commercial enterprise (B2B), that’s the direct sale of products and offerings among groups
Business to purchaser (B2C), which entails income among groups and their clients.

2👉Consumer to purchaser, which permits people to promote to at least one another, normally thru a third-celebration webpage like eBay.

3👉Consumer to commercial enterprise, which we could people promote to groups, together with an artist promoting or licensing their paintings to be used via way of means of a corporation1
Providing items and offerings is not as clean as it could seem. It calls for quite a few studies approximately the goods and offerings you desire to promote, the marketplace, audience, competition, in addition to anticipated commercial enterprise charges.
Once this is determined, you want to provide you with a call and installation a prison structure, together with a corporation.

4👉 Ecommerce web page with an Online payment gateway. For instance, a small commercial enterprise proprietor who runs a get dressed save can installation a internet site selling their garb and different associated merchandise on-line and permit clients to make bills with a credit score card or thru a fee processing provider, together with PayPal.

5👉Ecommerce can be idea of like a virtual model of mail-order catalog shopping.

Ecommerce has modified the manner human beings save and devour services and products. More and greater human beings are turning to their computer systems and clever gadgets to reserve items, which could without difficulty be added to their homes. As such, it has disrupted the retail landscape. Amazon and Alibaba have received great popularity, forcing conventional stores to make adjustments to the manner they do commercial enterprise.

But this is now no longer all. Not to be outdone, character dealers have more and more more engaged in e-trade transactions through their personal private web sites. And virtual marketplaces together with eBay or Etsy function exchanges wherein multitudes of consumers and dealers come collectively to behavior commercial enterprise.

$4. 28 trillion
The general of world ecommerce income in 2020. This determine is anticipated to develop to $5.4trillion via way of means of 2022.four

History of Ecommerce
Most folks have shopped on-line for some thing at a few point, this means that we have got taken component in ecommerce. So it is going with out announcing that ecommerce is everywhere. But only a few human beings might also additionally recognise that ecommerce has a records that is going lower back earlier than the net began.

Ecommerce absolutely is going lower back to the Sixties while corporations used an digital machine known as the Electronic Data Interchange to facilitate the switch of documents. But it wasn’t till 1994 that the first actual transaction. took vicinity. This worried the sale of a CD among pals thru a web retail internet site known as NetMarket.33

The enterprise has long past thru such a lot of adjustments due to the fact that then, ensuing in a first rate deal of evolution. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores have been compelled to include new generation so as to live afloat as corporations like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy have become family names. These corporations created a digital market for items and offerings that purchasers can without difficulty get right of entry to.

New generation keeps to make it simpler for human beings to do their on-line shopping. People can connect to groups thru smartphones and different gadgets and via way of means of downloading apps to make purchases. The creation of loose shipping, which reduces charges for purchasers, has additionally helped boom the recognition of the ecommerce enterprise.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ecommerce:
E-trade gives purchasers the subsequent advantages👇

Convenience: E-trade can arise 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Increased choice: Many shops provide a much broader array of merchandise on-line than they bring of their brick-and-mortar counterparts. And many shops that completely exist on-line might also additionally provide purchasers different stock this is unavailable elsewhere.

But there are sure drawbacks that include ecommerce sites, too. The dangers encompass:
Limited purchaser provider: If you save on-line for a computer, you can not truely ask an worker to illustrate a selected version’s functions in person. And despite the fact that a few web sites assist you to chat on-line with a team of workers member, this isn’t always an ordinary exercise.

Lack of immediately gratification: When you purchase an object on-line, you need to await it to be shipped to your own home or workplace. However, e-tailers like Amazon make the ready recreation a bit bit much less painful via way of means of imparting same-day transport as a top class choice for pick out merchandise.

Inability to the touch merchandise: Online photographs do now no longer always deliver the entire tale approximately an object, and so e-trade purchases may be unsatisfying while the goods obtained do now no longer suit purchaser expectations. Case in point: an object of garb can be crafted from shoddier cloth than its on-line picture indicates.

Is convenient
Offers a much broader choice of products and offerings
Limited purchaser provider
Lacks immediately gratification
Products can not been visible or dealt with till added

Example of Ecommerce
Amazon is a behemoth withinside the ecommerce space. In fact, it’s miles the world’s biggest on-line store and keeps to develop. As such, it’s miles a large disrupter withinside the retail enterprise, forcing a few primary stores to reconsider their techniques and shift their awareness.
The corporation become released its commercial enterprise with an ecommerce-primarily based totally version of on-line income and product transport. It become based via way of means of Jeff Bezos in 1994 as a web book shop however has due to the fact that multiplied to encompass the whole lot from garb to housewares, energy equipment to meals and drinks, and electronics.

Company income accelerated via way of means of 38% in 2020 from the preceding 12 months, totaling $386.1 billion in comparison to $280.five billion in 2019. Amazon’s running profits additionally jumped to $22.nine billion for the 2020 financial 12 months from $14.five billion in 2019.

Net profits rose from $11.6 billion in 2019 to $21.three billion via way of means of the quit of 2020.five
The corporation additionally multiplied past ecommerce, imparting cloud garage offerings, video and tune streaming, digital gadgets (together with Alexa, the private assistant, and its Fire TV virtual media player).

How Do You Start an Ecommerce Business?
Make certain you do your studies earlier than you begin your commercial enterprise. Figure out what services and products you will promote and investigate the marketplace, goal audience, competition, and anticipated charges.
Next, provide you with a call, select a commercial enterprise structure, and get the essential documentation (taxpayer numbers, licenses, and allows in the event that they apply).

Before you begin promoting, determine on a platform and layout your internet site (or have a person do it for you).
Remember to preserve the whole lot easy at the start and ensure you operate as many channels as you may to marketplace your commercial enterprise so it could develop.

What Is an Ecommerce Website?
An ecommerce internet site is any webweb page that permits you to shop for and promote services and products on-line. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba are examples of ecommerce web sites.

What Is the Difference Between Ecommerce and Ebusiness?
Ecommerce entails the acquisition and sale of products and offerings on-line and is absolutely simply one a part of an ebusiness. An ebusiness entails the whole method of jogging a corporation on-line. Put truely, it is all the interest that takes vicinity with a web commercial enterprise.

The Bottom Line
Ecommerce is simply one a part of jogging an ebusiness. While the latter entails the whole method of jogging a commercial enterprise on-line, ecommerce truely refers back to the sale of products and offerings through the net. Ecommerce corporations like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have modified the manner the retail enterprise works, forcing primary, conventional stores to trade the manner they do commercial enterprise.

If beginning an ecommerce webpage is some thing you are considering, ensure you do your studies earlier than you begin. And ensure you begin with small, slender awareness to make certain which you have room to develop.


Do You Know That;👇

Business-to-Consumer (B2C): What You Need to Know
Business-to-purchaser (B2C) is a virtual income version wherein services and products are bought among a corporation and purchaser, or purchasers.

How Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Performing and Adapting
The time period “brick-and-mortar” refers to a conventional commercial enterprise that gives its services and products to its clients in an workplace or keep, instead of a web-most effective commercial enterprise.

What Is Electronic Retailing (E-tailing)?
Electronic retailing (e-tailing) is the sale of products and offerings over the Internet, which could encompass B2B or B2C income.

How Distribution Channels Work
A distribution channel is a sequence of groups or intermediaries thru which an awesome or provider passes till it reaches the quit purchaser.

Amazon Effect Definition
The Amazon impact refers to the continuing evolution and disruption of the offline retail marketplace as a result of an boom in e-trade sports.

On the Move: Mobile Commerce
Mobile trade is the usage of wi-fi hand-held gadgets, together with cell phones and laptops, to behavior industrial transactions on-line.

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